***Our Main Site Is Now Our Wiki...Go There***

Wiki Site Url: http://teamlol.rocks.it

Other Sites

Want to  join the ¡LØL! clan? Register here.
Want to get to know more about the ¡LØL! clan? Visit our jot spot to see more about who we are, what we do, what tournaments we play in and more.
Would you like to see what the members of the clan think about certain things? Stop by our forums and take a look. It is the best place to find up to the minute news about what's going on.
Want a general overview of everything that's going on in our clan? The portal is the place to be, with recent news and important information that you should know.
This is the ¡LØL! clan's wiki page, NOT SITE. There's nothing much there, but that's why we have it. It's a wiki. Anyone can edit it and add stuff. Feel free to add your flava. But, there's no point to go here because we now actually have a Wiki!
Want to post something on our forums but not a member of our clan? You have to register, but if you don't feel like it, post your thoughts on our blog page. Anyone can post anything.
Want to know what events are up and coming? Check out our calendar. Practice times and matches times will be posted there.

Armagetron Sites You Should Know

The  main page regarding everything to do with Armagetron.
Got questios about the game? Post your troubles on the forum.
Want to learn more about the game? The wiki is the place to be.
You always should have the latest version of armagetron. Here is where you get it.